Our story

Winvest is a family owned private investment firm, operating out of offices in Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Our founders are serial entrepreneurs and experienced long-term investors. Over the last decade, our founders have built, invested and sold multiple successful businesses for over $350 million.

At Winvest, we invest in businesses in various stages of growth, from pre-revenue to mature stage.

We aim to transform great ideas and companies through cutting-edge technology, operational improvement methods and smart execution strategies.

We are agile and flexible. We have quicker turnaround time when making an investment decision, and we are flexible with the deal structure.

As strategic investors, we value quality over quantity.  We partner with selected entrepreneurs who exhibit passion for building remarkable businesses, and who are willing to push the edge of what is possible through creative thinking.

We invest in founders that care about the way they do business and the impact their decisions have on people, communities, society and the environment.

We understand the needs and the challenges of business founders; and we are fully committed to backing our portfolio companies to accelerate growth by leveraging our knowledge, expertise and extensive global network.


Mission & vision

We are here to support visionary entrepreneurs to build meaningful and impactful businesses.

We act with Integrity, Trust and Respect.
We strive for Excellence and Simplicity.
We are socially and environmentally Responsible.
We are Innovators with Can-do attitude.


Our team

Fei Bell
Nick Bell
David Taing