What to expect

As a modern, forward-thinking organisation, we are always open to initiating relationships with businesses that will become part of our portfolio via any number of scenarios.

Our in-depth investment process requires foresight, perspective and rigorous attention to detail.


01. Send us your pitch deck

We receive many pitch decks, and we strive to go through as many of them as we possibly can. As we do receive so many pitches, yours must grab our attention from the outset.

Do your research on the kind of businesses that already make up our portfolio.

It would help if you also studied some of the many great case studies of the famous pitch decks that have changed the world over the years. This is your opportunity to be the next one.

During this stage, we assess the company’s growth potential, skillset of management or the return on equity for the fund’s investors.


Initial meeting

If your pitch deck has grabbed our attention sufficiently, the next step will be a call between members of our team and the founders of your company. At this stage, we will be looking to confirm that your business falls within our investment criteria and assess whether your profile and aspirations align with our investment strategy.

Queries & responses

If your business makes it to the stage, we are serious about the potential we see in adding you to our portfolio. Here we will be looking to see the figures that back up the words and ideas that have impressed us so far.

Investment analysis & follow-up meeting

After a detailed analysis on the company products, services, industry and market. A follow- up meeting will be carried out in person. Key players from Winvest will sit down with the founders and management team of your business to iron out our initial offer’s details and outline our post-funding strategies.

Offer letter

At this stage, we will be looking to formalise our investment and all that entails for our future relationship. We send a non-binding offer letter which sets out terms and conditions for the due diligence process.

Due diligence

Before our investment is formally completed, we will carry out a robust due diligence process. This is a step that we take very seriously. The businesses in the Winvest portfolio are all of impeccable standing. We store great value in the integrity of the companies we work with as our partners and investors accept nothing less from us when investing their funds.

Final negotiation

The final negotiation stage completes the investment decision process by using all information that has been gathered throughout the due diligence process as background for the contract about to be signed.

08. Sign term sheet

The process is complete, and we are proud to welcome you to the WINVEST family, and the next stage of what is going to be an exciting future for us all.

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